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CINCo Group

For over 30 years CINCo Group insurance brokers have been providing innovative solutions to clients in Russia and the C.I.S.

CINCo Group operates through regional offices in Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, with European continental operations based in Zurich. For 2019, we plan to increase our international capabilities through the establishment of CINCo operations in Sweden.

CINCo is an active member of the World Broker Network (WBN), making the most of resources and skills from broking colleagues all around the globe.

Why choose us?
Our Mission is to create trusting relationships with our clients and insurers that generate value for both in the long-term. We do this through honesty, integrity, dependability and detailed care to specific customer needs.
Local Knowledge
CINCo has been operating in Russia and the C.I.S. almost from the moment of deregulation following the end of the Soviet Union. As a result CINCo knows all the key players and how the market has developed over time.
Despite being a Russia and C.I.S. specialist, CINCo is outwards looking with strong international insurer relations, both in Europe and North America. CINCo is a long standing and very active member of a number of international independent broker networks. Recent expansion of business outside the C.I.S. has included Mongolia and Baltic States.
Tailored Approach
CINCo recognises that standard coverages don't always suit client needs, especially with the nuances of the Russian market, as a result CINCo actively works with clients to provide construct cover that meets needs.
Meet the Team
Our team combines a wide range of experience and disciplines in order to meet clients diverse and challenging needs
Alexander Goussarov
Owner & CEO of CINCo Group
Alexander founded CINCo Group in 1992 and has dedicated his whole working career to insurance. Alexander has a vast wealth of experience and contacts throughout the C.I.S.
Michael Street (Dip CII)
Director CINCo (Group)
Michael began his insurance career at Lloyd's and has over 20 years experience as an insurance analyst and risk management specialist. Michael is a qualified member of the Chartered Insurance Institute.
Andrash Peterfalvi
Director CINCo Ukraine
Anatoliy Malyi
CINCo Central Asia RMS
Javad Javadov
Director CINCo Azerbaijan
Sarangua Davaadorj
Senior Partner, CINCo Group Mongolia dba AME Brokers
Our services
We offer access to a wide range of insurers and reinsurers covering most types of risk.
Property Insurance
Property Insurance is a very broad class of insurance. CINCo Group offers services to its clients in arranging insurance protection of various assets include:

  • Buildings and Multi Purpose Construction Covers
  • Fire & Allied Risks Insurance for Office and Other Locations owned or leased incl. interior decoration
  • Corporate and Personal Assets insurance
  • Boiler & Machinery Cover
  • Warehouse and Goods in Storage Cover
  • Cash and Valuables insurance
  • Business Interruption Insurance

Special Risks
CINCo is proud of being experienced in special risks and in arranging non-standard schemes of insurance for its clients. The list below represents risks that CINCo has successfully placed over the years; it also serves to illustrate the wide range of disciplines covered.

  • Insurance for Banks incl. (Bankers Blanket Bond)
  • CAR (Contractors' All Risks) and General Liability during Construction Works
  • Energy Risks (oil and gas exploration and production, transportation and refining)
  • Products Liability Insurance
  • War Risks Insurance
  • Cash/Species in Transit Insurance
  • Non-Repossession Insurance
  • Financial Risks and Liability for Lease
  • Payments Insurance

Aviation Insurance
The field of aviation Insurance requires specialised knowledge and CINCo Group experts have good experience in arranging aviation covers in Russia and abroad. We are always ready to put together various kinds of hull covers for aircraft, third party liability, aviation cargo liability and aviation passengers personal accident insurance, airport and air traffic controllers liability, etc.

Our experience and relationship with leaders of aviation insurance market make CINCo Group practically the only Russian insurance brokerage house providing the full spectrum of services in the field of aviation insurance.

Life and Accident & Health Insurance
CINCo offers a wide choice of programs in Life and Accident & Health in order to fully satisfy the needs of our corporate clients.

Personal Accident Insurance for Employees on various terms including:

Business Travel Insurance
  • Covers Effective during Working Hours Only
  • 24-Hour Coverage
  • Key Man Protection
  • Kidnap & Ransom Cover
  • Medical Insurance Programs
  • Medical and other Emergency Expenses coverage whilst traveling within Russia and abroad
  • Long Term Life & Pension Schemes
  • Human Clinical Trials Insurance

Motor Insurance
CINCo offers the full spectrum of services available in the market - Motor Physical Damage, Fire & Theft, Third Party Liability, Vehicle Occupants (driver and passengers) Personal Accident, Liability and Fleet insurance.

CINCo enjoys a close and mutually beneficial relationship with top motor insurance underwriters, making it possible to offer clients custom made packages that combine the best security and excellent service with reasonable pricing.

CINCo Development Projects
Protected Cell Captive Manager
CINCo is in the process of establishing it's own PCC for use of C.I.S. clients seeking to manage risks themselves whilst at the same time taking advantage of tax friendly off-shore business environment.
Expansion in Central Asian Republics
CINCo is leading the way in meeting the fast growing needs of clients in Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.
UK Registration
2018 will see CINCo strengthening its access to the London Market and Lloyd's through the establishment of an FCA regulated subsidiary company. This company will be responsible for the management of CINCo's PCC.
Alexander Goussarov, General Director CINCo Group
Tel.: +7 (903) 960 3318

CINCo (Group)
Michael Street Dip CII, Director CINCo Group
Tel.: +7 (965) 449 7731

CINCo (Ukraine)
Andrash Peterfalvi, Director
2V Andreyevski Spusk, Office 1,
4 070, Kiev, Ukraine
Tel.: +38 (044) 537 6241

CINCo (Azerbaijan)
Javad Javadov, Director
AZ1000, Azerbaijan , Baku , Uzeir Gajibekov str., 38/26
Tel.: +99 (412) 4937134

CINCo (Central Asia RMS)
Anatoliy Malyi, Director
186/85 Kabanbay Batyr str.,
050012, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 (727) 260 6936

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